Rules, and rating.

Every book is someone’s favorite, and even the most popular book is another’s least favorite. So I figure I should probably explain my rating system before I begin my reviews. I have moved this to a permanent link at the top of my page in the hopes that it is visible long after my original post has been forgotten. Very likely many will still not read it, but hey I tried!

I’ll K.I.S.S. by doing 1 to 5 stars with 1 being the lowest rating, and 5 being the highest.

5 Stars – These are my favorite books. I have likely already reread them more than once, and will do so over, and over again.

4 Stars – These are books I really enjoyed. I will very likely be rereading them in the future.

3 Stars – These are books I likely won’t reread, but I enjoyed reading them the first time.

2 Stars – I did not enjoy reading these books, or there was something about them that made me rate it less than I would have liked. I’m not saying they aren’t good books, but they aren’t my particular cup of tea. I definitely won’t be rereading them.

1 Star – I hated these books. It isn’t just that they aren’t for me either. To get just one star I feel they are poorly written, and am truly amazed they were ever published. I likely didn’t finish them, and will definitely never touch them again.

A few quick rules I have made for myself. First, I will only review books I have actually read. I will even read them to completion unless it is unbearable for me to do so. See the 1 Star explanation above. This should be obvious, but I shit you not I have seen reviews where the reviewer hadn’t.

Second, I curse. I will keep this to a minimum, but it happens. It is how I think, and how I talk.

Lastly, I will do my very best to not give any spoilers. I have found however that trying to never give any spoiler no matter how small is extremely difficult, and at times severely limits my reviews of books. Going forward I will be posting a synopsis of the book either from the book itself or Goodreads. Anything this synopsis touches is fair game, and will not be treated as a spoiler. If I really want to talk about something with has spoilers I change the font color to match the background. If you want to read it highlight the selected area.

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