Free eBook of The Way of Kings!

I am sharing a post from Robert @ReadingOverTheShoulder.

Free eBook – The Way of Kings – is giving free ebook downloads for TWoK! It’s good until midnight of 3.24.17. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Robert!


Movies That Encourage Reading?

So like all parents my fiance, and I are always trying to encourage the love of reading in our little girl (3 years old). We read to her each day, take her to the library and bookstores, buy her books as presents/rewards, she sees our love of reading etc. And she does enjoy being read to so it’s working!

We also want to add more movies to her ever expanding collection which themselves encourage reading. One more thing can’t hurt right! Off the top of our head we have only come up with: Matilda, The Pagemaster, Beauty and the Beast, and The Neverending Story. We own each of these, but i’m sure there are more. We’re drawing a blank however. Any suggestions?

Free Google Fiber T-Shirts Huntsville, AL

This is not book related in any way, and for that I apologize. However, if you live in Huntsville, AL USA then Google Fiber will give you a free t-shirt by way of promotion/thanks. Simply go to to collect. Limit 1 per address.

You will be asked for your email address, name, and physical address. You can be sure to receive junk mail/email about Google’s fiber internet in the coming days, but I’m excited about it Google Fiber anyway. Besides it’s a free t-shirt damn it. That’s laundry you don’t have to do for days if you are slothful, and hygiene flexible!

The Kingkiller Chronicle Movie/TV Adaptation

Okay so I knew that the rights to series had been bought by Lionsgate back in 2015. Movies, a tv show, and games?! I could not have been more excited! I remember reading about writers being selected earlier this year for movie adaptations. Awesome! It gave me hope that this wouldn’t be just another cool thing that never quite panned out.

How then did I miss the announcements that the series now has a producer, and the tv show has a showrunner/writer?! That’s a fanboy fail! Still my self disappointment is easily overcome by excitement! This is really going to be happening. Next up casting! Just please, please, please, please!, finish the series before you get too caught up in all the show biz Rothfuss!

Here’s another cool article I found while scouring the internet for more information.