Free Google Fiber T-Shirts Huntsville, AL

This is not book related in any way, and for that I apologize. However, if you live in Huntsville, AL USA then Google Fiber will give you a free t-shirt by way of promotion/thanks. Simply go to to collect. Limit 1 per address.

You will be asked for your email address, name, and physical address. You can be sure to receive junk mail/email about Google’s fiber internet in the coming days, but I’m excited about it Google Fiber anyway. Besides it’s a free t-shirt damn it. That’s laundry you don’t have to do for days if you are slothful, and hygiene flexible!


6 months since my last post?

Has it been that long? I can only say that I was working some crazy hours at two jobs. Also I proposed to the love of my life, and she accepted. Wedding planning sucks!! So does trying to pay for all of the things that come with it.

I have been reading where I can, though not as much as I’d like. Sadly, I just didn’t have time to write any reviews. I’ll be posting some of what I’ve been reading shortly.

Rules, and rating.

So this will be my first post on my new blog Jonathan Reads. If you are seeing this then it is likely because you are way too bored, and this was the last link in a long line of links you followed randomly to get here! You are not alone as my girlfriend, and mom both read these reviews. Actually that’s not true.. sadly it is just my favorite trio – me, myself, and I. Now that you are here however I hope my reviews are both helpful, and entertaining.

Speaking of reviews I wanted to make my first post to also be my first book review. It had a certain symmetry to it. Upon further reflection  I felt I should post my rating system beforehand to avoid what would surely be an atomic backlash as every book is sure to be someone else’s favorite.

I’ll K.I.S.S. by doing 1 to 5 stars with 1 being the lowest rating, and 5 being the highest.

5 Stars – These are my favorite books. I have likely already reread them more than once, and will do so over, and over again.

4 Stars – These are books I enjoyed. I will likely be rereading them in the future.

3 Stars – These are books I won’t reread, but I enjoyed reading them the first time.

2 Stars – I did not enjoy reading these books. I’m not saying they aren’t good books, but they aren’t my particular cup of tea. I definitely won’t be rereading them.

1 Star – I hated these books. To get just one star I feel they are poorly written, and am truly amazed they were ever published. I likely didn’t finish them, and will definitely never touch them again.

A few quick rules I have made for myself. First, I will only review books I have actually read. I will even read them to completion unless it is unbearable for me to do so. See the 1 Star explanation above. This should be obvious, but I shit you not I have seen reviews where the reviewer hadn’t.

Second, I curse. I will keep this to a minimum, but it happens. It is how I think, and how I talk.

Lastly, I will do my very best to not give any spoilers. My goal is to give fun, occasionally helpful reviews not, a full on summary. I hate it when books/movies get spoiled for me, and will not be that guy!

Please feel free to like, comment, follow, and accidentally share Jonathan Reads!