Bookish Links

My Favorite BookTube Channels:

Kalanadi – Rachel reviews mostly SF/F. IMO her reviews are extremely insightful. She excels at breaking down a book’s strengths and weaknesses as well as what worked and what didn’t in a way that is clear, concise, and analytical. I wish I could do this even half so well in my own reviews!

Stories from the Shelf – Bree also reviews mostly SF/F. IMO her reviews excel at getting across the emotional connection of books. You learn her opinion about the books themselves of course, but also in the process of her explaining this you’ll discover how they made her feel. If she was frustrated, bored, disappointed, overjoyed etc you’ll know because it will be all over her face. When you see the look of genuine joy on her face as she talks about a book she loves you’ll immediately want to read it yourself!

Of course both can be insightful as well as convey emotion, but in general I love watching them for the reasons stated above. When watching their reviews you don’t get all the loud music/sound effects, in your face close ups, crazy bright graphics, or anything like that. They are just two adults talking about books they’ve read, or other bookish things.

NaNoWriMo – The National Novel Writing Month website. The goal is to write a 50,000 word book in the month of November. I’ve tried a couple of times, but never come even remotely close to hitting 50,000. One day though.

Brandon Sanderson’s Writing Lectures – In addition to being a best selling author Sanderson teaches a creative writing class at BYU. He shares these classes for free online when he could easily charge for them proving that he is an awesome human being. As I write this these are the latest videos, but he has more online. A quick search on YouTube will show you lectures from previous years.

Writing Excuses – A podcast created by Brandon Sanderson and some author friends that gives advice to aspiring writers.