Book Giveaways

Apparently publishers and stuff just post free giveaways for your favorite books on Goodreads all the time. This is an actual thing! How did I not know about this?


11 thoughts on “Book Giveaways

  1. Yep, good luck winning though! I win maybe on average maybe one book from Goodreads every two years, but because of my horrible luck I have pretty much stopped entering. Your mileage may vary.

    Also check out sites like LibraryThing with their Early Reviewer Program. Many other book sites like these have weekly or monthly giveaways, sign up for their newsletters for updates.

    And yes, if you are a book blogger, sign up for NetGalley ASAP. It’s all electronic copies, but you can request and/or get access to a ton of upcoming releases. Edelweiss is another source of eARCs, I highly recommend signing up for a reviewer account there too.

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    1. I suck at navigating Edelweiss something terrible. It is to the point where I just don’t bother despite getting some great early pulls from it in times past.


  2. Also, sometimes signing up for certain newsletters help because they post ads for book giveaways in them. For example, Shelf Awareness, they don’t often have sci-fi/fantasy giveaways though. sometimes have giveaways on their site too.

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