Movies That Encourage Reading?

So like all parents my fiance, and I are always trying to encourage the love of reading in our little girl (3 years old). We read to her each day, take her to the library and bookstores, buy her books as presents/rewards, she sees our love of reading etc. And she does enjoy being read to so it’s working!

We also want to add more movies to her ever expanding collection which themselves encourage reading. One more thing can’t hurt right! Off the top of our head we have only come up with: Matilda, The Pagemaster, Beauty and the Beast, and The Neverending Story. We own each of these, but i’m sure there are more. We’re drawing a blank however. Any suggestions?


6 thoughts on “Movies That Encourage Reading?

  1. Good idea! Hm…some of the Disney movies open with the storybook “once upon a time” thing. I think Sleeping Beauty does. And Merlin is always into his books in The Sword in the Stone! (Plus, The Sword in the Stone is itself a great children’s book.)

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  2. I second the Sword in the Stone (couldn’t think of others). Disney made a movie of it and the cool thing is that your daughter can watch it now and read it when she’s older since they are middle-grade books. She could grow with it.

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  3. Awesome recs so far. I can’t think of any to add other than great movie adaptations of books. So she can read the series then watch the movie or vice versa lol: spiderwick, Harry Potter (obv), charlottes web, thumbelina, tale of despereaux, bridge to terabithia, and how to train your dragon.
    I love the approach you’re taking – I hope to do the same when my little one gets a bit older. 🙂

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    1. Definitely Harry Potter! We’re getting the illustrated books as Rowling releases them. So hopefully when she is old enough we’ll have the complete set. We have some of those adaptations, and she also loves The Purple Crayon books/movies.

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