Book Review: Playing Nice with God’s Bowling Ball ☆☆☆

nk-jemisinI found another short story by N. K. Jemisin on, and wanted to do a quick review of it. This one is part detective, part science fiction. It features a boy named Jeffy who can do some pretty amazing things, and is currently being investigated for the disappearance of his friend.

As yet I haven’t been able to really get into detective novels. I need to read more to be sure if that holds for the entire genre. I do have a few on my tbr including Mr. Holmes, but let’s be honest my tbr is becoming something of a black hole. Anyways saying all that it really isn’t a surprise that I did not enjoy Playing Nice with God’s Bowling Ball as much as I did The City Born Great.

It is a good short story, and was a quick, easy read. I don’t think I’ll revisit it however. I would love to read more about Jeffy after he has grown into a man, and mastered his knowledge (ability?). There could be a lot of SF awesomeness in there.

Full link to this story:

My Rating: ☆☆☆


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