Book Review: The Obelisk Gate ☆☆☆☆☆

9780316229265_custom-6860c06167337b5728fcae0990e09430cc1de865-s400-c85Okay, it’s official, N.K. Jemisin is now my favorite author. She has been top three for a while now, but after reading The Obelisk Gate she has jumped straight to the top! At this point I could only love her more if we were married, and had little milano babies.

If you read this Sarah I’m joking!! You’re so pretty! (Seriously though Nora..)

I loved her Inheritance series very much, but each of those books told a different story with different sets of characters. Albeit all set in the same world, and each building off each other. In the Broken Earth series she is focusing on the same cast of characters over the entire trilogy. This has allowed for a much more in depth, and rewarding story so far.

The Obelisk Gate picks up right where The Fifth Season left off, and it never misses a beat. If anything it gets better as it goes. We get to learn more about the stone eaters, and guardians. We learn about an ancient war fought by multiple parties in which our characters have been drawn into. We finally get to see Essun’s daughter Nassun. And of course our favorite characters are still with us. It’s all really good stuff.

I don’t want to delve too deeply into specifics because of spoilers, but also because I tend to ramble. However I would like to acknowledge that in my review of The Fifth Season I mentioned that the magic was a bit limited. Well in The Obelisk Gate the magic is getting more complicated, and so even more interesting.

In short this book is even better, imho, than the first which is saying a lot. Everything hinges on the final book of course, but it is shaping up to be my favorite series of all time. I cannot wait to read the last book!!

My Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


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