Book Review: Eldest ☆☆

eldest_book_coverThis review is a bit late as I finished reading this in 2016 before I read The Slow Regard of Silent Things which I have already posted a review of. Apparently even writing a review of this book is a struggle, and make no mistake I struggled to read Eldest. It took me over 3 weeks, and it would have taken longer, but I wanted to finish it before Christmas so I could begin reading books I would be gifted.

I don’t want to keep piling on negative reviews of this series or its author so I’ll try to be brief. Suffice it to say I wasn’t a big fan of Eragon. Everything I disliked about that book is once again present in Eldest. It is still very generic fantasy overall. The unrealistic romance takes up a large portion of the book. I know nothing has happened, but it will. Don’t get me started on a group of untrained civilians defeating well-trained, professional soldiers. And again I had guessed all the big reveals long before they happened. Foreshadow, but be subtle about it.

To be fair so are the good things I actually did like about Eragon, but there is a lot more I dislike which makes it hard to appreciate the good. I keep being told that it gets better in the next two books, but frankly I’ll believe that when I see it. I’m still committed to finishing this series so hopefully I’m wrong.

My Rating: ☆☆


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