The Kingkiller Chronicle Movie/TV Adaptation

Okay so I knew that the rights to series had been bought by Lionsgate back in 2015. Movies, a tv show, and games?! I could not have been more excited! I remember reading about writers being selected earlier this year for movie adaptations. Awesome! It gave me hope that this wouldn’t be just another cool thing that never quite panned out.

How then did I miss the announcements that the series now has a producer, and the tv show has a showrunner/writer?! That’s a fanboy fail! Still my self disappointment is easily overcome by excitement! This is really going to be happening. Next up casting! Just please, please, please, please!, finish the series before you get too caught up in all the show biz Rothfuss!

Here’s another cool article I found while scouring the internet for more information.


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