Book Review: A is for Alibi ☆☆☆

41txHpdA8QL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I’m not sure how to fairly review this book as I haven’t really read any P.I./mystery novels since I was a kid reading the Hardy Boys. Well, besides the first two books in the Dresden Files, but those are perhaps more Urban Fantasy. Because of my lack of familiarity with the genre I found myself sizing up both the book, and the genre at the same time while reading. Which isn’t really fair to either, but there it is. I’m reserving my judgement of the genre until I’ve at least read a few more authors in it.

A is for Alibi is the first book in a series by Sue Grafton. It is a pretty long, and popular series so I thought it would be a good place to reenter the genre. At just over 200 pages it was short, and easy to read. The pacing was fast throughout.

Overall I have mixed feelings with it. While I liked the book well enough I want to say that it  lacked a certain substance, but then that might be the genre. It might just be the fantasy reader in me used to a certain amount of world, and character building over a longer novel.

I was also slightly disappointed by the final twist being so obvious, but then it was written in 1982. That was before Law and Order, CSI, NCIS, Sixth Sense etc which, for myself, at least taught me to see the easy stuff coming a mile away.

Taken as a whole I did like the book enough that I will read the second in the series at some point. The cover for A is for Alibi tells me that the next book won a couple of awards. Hopefully I’ll get to know the character better as well.

My Rating: ☆☆☆


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