Book Review: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ☆☆☆

51496I should start out by saying I picked this for two reasons. First, I am trying to diversify my reading. As late as a few months ago 95% of my reading had been in fantasy. Maybe another 4.5% was science fiction. What can I say I know what I like. Recently I’ve been wanting to step outside these genres so I have made a new practice to read books in threes. I’ll start out by reading a fantasy/science fiction, then any book not fantasy/science fiction, and finally a classic. Not necessarily in this order.

This has been working pretty good for me. My true love will always be fantasy, and to a lesser extent science fiction, but I have enjoyed reading outside these genres as well. That being said I still struggle with most classics. I know they are the pillars on which all modern works are founded, and stand the test of time blahbliddyblah, but quite often they are a chore to read!

Which brings me to my second reason for choosing this book.. It is so short! At less than 100 pages it is really just a novella. Anyone can push through a novella, right? For many fantasy books this is basically just a prologue, and a chapter or two.

I needn’t have worried however as I found Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde pleasantly easy reading. If I had to put a genre to it I would say this book is a mystery. Or it would have been back in 1886. Sadly, no matter how out of tune you are with popular culture you will have heard of this story, and know how it ends. Which is a credit to Stevenson’s work, but does take the thrill out of it for new readers.

Even without the suspense of not knowing this book was interesting. It examines the duality of good, and evil all men carry within them, but in a way that doesn’t come off preachy. Who can say what we would do if we had the perfect alibi? I found myself thinking of the situations I might allow myself to explore, and then the slippery slope that could follow. Of the, very few, classics I have read this has been the most enjoyable.

My Rating: ☆☆☆


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